By adulthood, our fingers have developed a high level of dexterity: sensory and motor skills that developers have only just started to make use of in modern interfaces. Previous research has unveiled the possibilities of enhancing touch modalities by introducing visual feedback of the magnified touch image. Yet, most of the microscopes on the market require a complicated procedure to operate and this makes it difficult to move the felt/observed area. To address this, we introduce MagniFinger, a new finger-based microscope that allows users to magnify the contacting surface on their fingertips using two means of control: sliding and tilting. The tilting-based control enables a more precise movement under micro-environments. According to the results of our experiments, it shortens the time of reaching targets compared to the simple sliding-based control.

MagniFinger は触れた箇所を拡大することのできる指先搭載型の顕微鏡です。ユーザはデバイスを指先に取り付けることで、ミクロな世界とマクロな世界を直感的な指先の動きによって結びつけることができます。